Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last night, i had the courage to face my worst fear.


It's tough when you know you have to face the truth and know that you don't have enough courage to do it. But nevertheless, it has to be done so that the pain wouldn't inflict much anymore. My encounter with my worst fear had been one of the toughest decisions i had made in my entire life. I know i wasn't even prepared to hear it, but then, when would the right time be?

I almost killed my soul.

It's good to have my lachrymal glands still drained due to its excretion almost every night. I feel kind of weird last night, i was hurt but couldn't cry, i got my world irritated too much.

It hurts like hell when your world doesn't even want you to see it, but allow others to view it. When your world doesn't want you to be a part of it anymore. Hurts a lot, hurts like hell, i almost want to die.

Everything reminds me of my world. Because i have given my everything to my world.

Admittedly, i want my world back. But couldn't do much to the realization of it. I just have to move heaven and earth for now, wait until the cows come home, and see if there's a bright future to hold.

I pray to God to bless me and my world.