Friday, September 18, 2009


I cleaned my car yesterday full blast. It's always been full romance when i spend time with my real true love. Haha. I love may car. Thank heavens the rain didn't pour yesterday.

I was even luckier this morning to find an empty spot in our covered parking :) God is so good. I thank Him so much for the simple blessings he pour on me. I felt really blessed because the past few months, whenever i get my car washed, the rain pouring harder would be the next consequence. I am no jinx. But sometimes, i can't help but think that i am one. Or must i say so blessed i really am the heavens always get me drenched with holy waters from the skies. Ehe.

I am still missing my world. I always wake up to the sweet memories of my very world. I am always hoping that tomorrow would be better than today, that somehow, in the raggedness of our everyday lives, everything shall fall into places, in accordance to His will.