Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Do you know how painful it is to be itemized under the Ignore List? Like you we're left outside the house and all the windows and doors are closed for you. You scream at the top of your lungs and nobody hears you. You knocked thrice as hard but no doors will open up for you. The rain will fall down and you'll get drenched in furious showers, but no one's there to help you. It is as if you weren't there. It is as if you never existed. It is as if you're...GONE.

Painful. Too painful.

God doesn't have this Kind of List. He doesn't have IGNORE LIST. Because He loves us all. He would never ignore each one of us.

With God, the doors are wide open. We don't have to scream because He already knows. He knows our faults, He knows our needs. He loves us more than we could ever know. We are all welcome in His warm embrace.

I maybe hurting a lot as of the moment being put to an ignore list, but i could feel God's embrace, telling me to stop crying, to stop worrying, because i am on His BELOVED LIST and He would never ever leave me.