Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks God

God has been so good to me and i could really feel His warm embrace in these times of despair.

I have been thinking of consulting a doctor because i felt the need for an anti-depressant pill that would eradicate my extreme loneliness. I was afraid i no longer know myself, what my mind was conceiving would no longer go well with my unconscious. I was caught in the tornado of problems, and i couldn't move any longer i only would like to give up.

I keep praying for things. Just prayed and prayed and prayed till i could. I know His answers would be clear though wouldn't always be that quick.

I felt so loved and cared when He answers me in an instant. God has been so good. He doesn't want me beating around the bush waiting for miracles to happen. At most, He would answer in a snap of the finger, but there are also times that He wouldn't want me have it in an instant. I don't know His reasons, but i trust Him.