Sunday, September 13, 2009


I just had a very refreshing talk about healing from Alvin Barcelona and Arun Gogna from the South Feast.

There exists three powerful steps to healing:
1. Locate the wound
2. Clean the wound
3. Strengthen the body


I have been so wounded physically and emotionally for the past few months havin' been bombarded by problems that had consumed the better of me. Physical sickness, emotional trauma, broken relationship... at some point in my life, i already gave up and asked God to just take my life back.

But He didn't.

He couldn't.

Because I am His favorite.

For the most times He always caters to my every whim, giving me everything that could make me extremely happy. When He gave me technotron, i was the happiest bakla on earth. I did treasure and enjoy every single moment that exists, everything. And up to this day, i still do, and i know will do, for the rest of my life. There can only be one technotron in Lois' life. Only one.

But one day, He decides to take away all the joys that i know existed. All that was left in me are wounds that hurt like hell.

And i tried my very best to hide those wounds.

The talk today at The Feast has brought me some power insights about healing my own wounds. I have learned to locate my wounds for now and will try my very best to clean it. I am exposing my wounds to the One who can heal it.

Because God the wounded healer understands what i feel.

I trust Him. He knows best.