Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tuesday, July 10, 2007



I tend to get jealous just by looking at the profiles (FS, FB, Youtube, etc. ) of some persons that really mean a lot to me. Like i was browsing facebook this afternoon and seeing some unfamiliar faces, notes, etc in a profile felt like i was being poked right in my very eyes.

Well, this is just me. Might not feel the same way for others i guess.

How would you feel if your comment suddenly disappeared in a page? If the status was deliberately changed from "in a relationship to single"? Or a suspected somebody popped a message or comment in page?

Deliberate thoughts of a jealous lass. haha. What am i jealous at?

Wala naman di ba?

Uyy.. ayaw aminin.


When i say there's no backing out, there really is none. Unless the other one does the back out, i can only let go.

I remember what my friend told us when she got soooo jealous of her boyfriend's ex-gf. She says that she can never do anything about his bf's past, she can only accept everything that existed before she stepped into her bf's life. Says we all can never be too sure. Maybe at one point in time, we will all be ex's of someone, finding our own place in someone else's past.

Hays. Why am i getting a bit sappy here.

Sabi ko nga next time hindi na lang ako magbbrowse ng profiles e. hehe.