Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was dropping my sister on her work at LTI this morning because she failed to catch their shuttle service. I was on the left outermost lane and have decided to transfer to middle lane upon approaching Paseo de Sta. Rosa intersection, but the Red Innova at the back must be in a real hurry so as to beep us continuously to give way for it. I let the Red Innova pass and followed through the midlane just before halting to a full stop.

Green light. The Innova slowly inched forward. In a fraction of a second came a rushing tricycle beating the red light slamming right through the red innova. We were all in terrible shock seeing the tricycle flipped and the passengers thrown out outside. One of the passengers at the back seem to have his forehead crashed, i dunno, didn't have enough time to check on the details. The driver of the Red Innova in his White La salle Polo (must be a student i guess) got off his automobile and confronted the tricycle driver as we passed through them.

Just a thought. What if we didn't let the Red Innova get ahead of us in that middle lane?

God had saved us. Me, my sister, my car.