Saturday, September 19, 2009


:) Saturday sunshine :)

Didn't get enough sleep last night. Thinking and thinking too much, asking God for miracles, knocking at one's door which never opened for me.


Yesterday was reminiscent of my old days when i would go home at three in the afternoon and doze for an hour or half before getting myself back again to my part-time work: teaching. I miss the days that i only have to think of my lectures and my students. I miss the days that i find myself too occupied with the newest PSP games, firmwares and other tech stuffs. I miss the days that i wait for the next gathering with my friends, an out of town or dinner, or just plain traipsing around the mall to kill the hours. I miss the good ol' better days when my heart isn't heavy, when the load isn't too burdensome, when the sun is at it's peak, or when we cheerfully dance under the rain.

There are tears in remembering better days, especially when you aren't any better at the present.


Anyways, i'll be out to chase my liberty this weekend. Hope i'll be able to fully recover from the shackles of pain :)