Thursday, July 1, 2010

such a tease

my brain synapses are so overloaded a while ago.

in a random sense of jumbled emotions, it felt being stabbed again and again till i bleed to death.

abysmal old miseries suddenly resurfaced.

got my heart broken for a couple of times.

the intense emotion had caused me to respond to cataclysmic thoughts at exactly the opposite manner logic might dictate.

i let loose of some tears..

deym. what those bastards did really hurt a lot.

they registered on my richter scale as pure trauma.

i was agitated at the mere thoughts of those miseries. it gets more jagged as i dig deeper into those pains, seemed to incite in me a shiver of thousand fears.

so i shed my last tear and decide to leave the commotions in my mind, and enter into silent reckoning of my heart...

and all those thoughts seem to fade into a blur... slowly melting away into an indistinct mass of fading strokes..

such a tease...

i tumble back to reality and collapse into arranging my own interior closet... climbing down the ladder into my own stillness.