Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dark cloudy nights had enveloped the sky the past two nights and i kinda miss my friend. Yes, i miss my moon.

The moon, now in waning gibbous phase, had missed me also. So it presented itself during daytime, visible to my naked eyes in this bright and sunny morning.

Moon: Hey my Lois, I'm just right up here.
Lois: My heart tumbles with so much joy upon seeing you in daytime my friend :)

Insanity aside, the moon can be seen in daytime any time of the week after a full moon. It will be at its last quarter phase on the 4th of July (just a day after Lai's natal day). July 11 shall be marked by the NEW MOON, and since the big three (the moon, the sun and the Earth) shall be on a line, the moon as it crosses the sky with the sun shall not be visible to our eyes. That's a lota reading. Haha.

If we shall look at the daytime moon at the same time of the morning, we can see that it ascends higher and higher up into the sky all week long. A reader in Kansas City call the daytime moon as "Children's moon," stemming from the idea that children can't stay late enough at night to see the moon when it is only visible in the darkness. Alternate version for the origin of the name was also told, saying that it was called as such because the children's eyes were sharp enough to pick it out, where the old folks, with fading vision, could not tell it from the clouds.

Man i was glad my fading vision could still see the children's moon.

(did a lot of reading from