Tuesday, February 9, 2010


May spy cam na din sa engg building :-ss Say goodbye to plants vs zombies :-"

The installation of the spycams in the all the buildings of our company has been one of the many countermeasures against security threats being received by the latter. There had been numerous (all the while we have thought of as humorous, hehe) threats thrown at the company with the intention of inflicting injury, damage and other hostile actions. Some of these exist in the form of frank calls telling the receiver that a bomb shall explode inside. (Kaboom! that's the downside to not having a caller ID feature. tsk tsk) well, frankly, we were indeed laughing our asses off as we don't really know how real the bomb threat was or were they just referring to a magazine with all those you know.. voyeure.. left inside the company premises. Another thing was the impending eradication of all the files in the server. Whoah. And the Afternoon Bosses (Anong ingles sa tagalog sa afternoon? =))) were kind of "threatened" to this breach of security.

One thing leads to another. Sure enough, most fingers would point to the current labor dispute as the root cause for this kind of disturbance. Hmmmnn. As for my humble opinion, there are levels of naked judgments that elevate simple imaginings into obdurate conclusions. I dunno. Must be levels of deprivation that elevate desires or cravings into quixotic wants. I still dunno. (What the heck do i still know! @$#@##% =))

Anyways, i have no quibbles with those cameras being installed everywhere. (Here.. there.. and eeveryyyywheeeeeeeeere..) It just does feel like one of those housemates in Big Brother, you get watched 24/7 by whoever watches on that server.