Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My fuel gauge blinked empty this morning

My fuel gauge blinked empty this morning. My laziness has paid off as i pass on filling it for the last two days.

My fuel gauge, notoriously inaccurate as it is, makes me think that i have less fuel than i actually do. By the way, there's a technical reason to it's inaccuracy :D (see How Fuel gauges Work ) So off i stretched my car's mileage enough to reach my workplace, sometimes it blinked empty, sometimes it didn't. By the time i clocked in, the gauge stopped blinking and stayed on its empty signal. Super blessed me. Just in the nick of time.

More often, it feels like I'm running on an empty tank, with the signals flashing all together at a time. I often wonder how this happens with all the vast resources of God at my disposal, maybe because i get too lazy or ignorant of the things that could get me a better mileage at life.

Funny how i see my life in this fuel gauge. Reads empty but keeps on running. Do i view things notoriously inaccurate?