Friday, February 26, 2010


LOG IN: 7:30am

Clocked in late for work today. I got stuck in traffic at the Greenfield- Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay intersection. Apparently, stalled in the intersection was an image of collision of a delivery truck and a shuttle bus. I wasn't able to snap a pic of the incident, a very downside to being the master of the steering wheel when on the road.

not moving

With all the vehicles restlessly creeping and lined up bumper to bumper to pass the point of accident, i was also creeping like an anxious turtle, careful not to be side swiped by the relatively irresponsible shuttle buses who'd like to fallow their own roads irregardless of the situation.

Being stuck for quite a longer period has given me the luxury of time to reflect on the very incident that had gotten into me yesterday, at what i have considered the intersection of my life.

I was in the middle of the crossroad, confused, scared, yet brave enough to choose the path that i deem necessary, even if unsure i was if it was the right one. I amused myself by looking at the windows of tomorrow, that maybe, a bright future shall take place shall i decide to take a step outside my comfort zone. Pessimism is a thing bent out of shape while i am at the crossroad.

But all of a sudden, a thing happens, two things collide, and block the path that i chose. Where am i to go now?

Frankly, i do not know.

I stayed inside the bubble of my car and pose so many questions that i cannot answer. I seemed to look at the experience as a test to my mobility, an intriguing puzzle to be solved in the days to come.

I stand confused and scared at the intersection of my life.

But then, life has to move on. The cars have to roll and cross the intersection ever so slowly and carefully, with safety in their consciousness and the goal that they have to reach their destination. Things happen for their very own reasons, and for now, i can only rely on God's will as to where i would be led.