Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Nagmamadali ka ba?"

Thursday bright morning, and i am speeding up to 130kph on SLEX. Not that I'll be late for work, in fact i am way too early, but pressing harder on the accelerator as a reflex for an epinephrine rush, being the adrenaline junkie me. Haven't done it for quite some time, either I'm saving up on fuel through efficient driving at 80-90kph, or i could fathom some internal voices asking me to slow down and drive safely because i am in no race.

Well not for today. I hear no blabber pleading me to stop my insanity, and i got my tank full yesterday.

There i go again with my vicious vice of CLICKING AND DRIVING. *big evil grin*

I just felt the need to be with myself. A feeling of unity, oblivion and mindlessness in the best sense of the word. Has someone forgotten my existence? Sigh.

Grope again for my pink W130 and ... CLICK.

Bright thursday morning. How many mornings will i ever have to wake again to find my superhero sitting on the passenger seat and pressing the shutter towards the powerlines embossed on a clear blue sky? As i revved the engine harder, i suddenly hear an utterance that wrung out of my perverted head... "Nagmamadali ka ba?"


It felt like being doused with a pail of water. Slowly, i raised my foot away from the accelerator, and began to slow down, as the greeneries flick past the windows.

And i am reminded that inside my very own car, i am being guided by the euphoric remnants of my dear superhero.

the knight has wings

who holds the key (chain) to my heart :P

meet my friends. named the big pink one DARYO >:)