Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've gotten myself kind of addicted to feeding the entire raw meat between my ears. Am munchin' on peanuts, as it is loaded with a lot of protein to boost our brain functions.

Not that my brain is currently malfunctioning. But i am a bit worried that despite all the mechanical works this three-pound raw-meat motor has been doin, from breathing stimulation to blood transportation to protein traffic and all the chemistry and electricity it has been made to function, it has taken a halt into processing other thoughts than the superhero. Motor malfunction? Needs a rewinding?

Our brain is made up of entirely raw meat. One cubic centimeter of it contains ten billion bits of information, processed at five thousand bits a second. It contains all the information gathered over a period of time. The aroma of a freshly-brewed coffee, the stale oozing smell of the Japanese expats, the specific gravity of SKD61 metal, the face of the superhero when we first caught a glimpse at each other, the history of manila, the points of discussion of Koran and Holy bible, the pills that i take, how to drive my car, the songs of happiness and everything i do and will do that will pass through this lump. It is the most mysterious thing on earth.

I hate the idea that despite its general design of process information, it is now operating on a loose consensus, strategically working only on the projections of my heartbeats.


Maybe a peanut will do.

At least the happy one.