Sunday, August 24, 2008


Shocked I really am to find my most precious possession being infested with termites :( Shown in the picture are some of my favorite books which have been partially eaten by those eusocial insects.

Ah, makes me wonder.

Maybe i haven't had much time browsing through the pages of those books. I was so consumed by the www world, i almost forgot my career as a bookworm :(

Good thing i was able to save at least my favorites. I had already thrown some pretty good titles and it really broke my heart seeing them fly open to the waste baskets.. along with the alive and kickin' termites.

I love books. I have spent almost all of my "college baon" just to have those books on my shelf. Long before i was hooked on ebooks and the complexities of www, i'd spent my whole Sunday rolling to and from my bed reading those books.

Oh my books.

They have been the silent witnesses to the echoes of my heart. A ready friend when im troubled, when i need someone to talk to. When i need a good laugh. When i need to slake the thirst for information. When i need to just... warm myself.. to relax.. to be inspired...

Long before i was hooked on ebooks and the complexities of www, i can't sleep without reading a few pages from one of my precious possessions.

Now i gotta get back to my own self and to my own shelf, before those termites decide to proclaim their second invasion.