Friday, August 22, 2008


Hell it has been this morning. Just because a high-ranking visitor from Japan is coming, everyone had been so busy with everything they could pretend to be busy at. (At least they still look...busy :D )

My japanese boss had been pestering me already at exactly 7 in the morning. Haven't put on my socks nor arranged my things in the locker, he was asking me to do sooooooooooo many things at the monitoring board in the new 1600T Press LIne. Just before i left yesterday, i made sure that everything that they have requested had been done already, so come this morning there won't be any cramming to do or whatsoever. Apparently upon checking this morning, the board has been disarranged. Some just placed their reports illegitimately, without minding that someone has dutifully arranged it in accordance to my japanese boss' orders.

It must have been three rounds of remove-post-remove-post-remove-post.. GGgrrrr. Was i so annoyed already! Slowly i was turning into a nudnik, as the machine presses spews smoke and howls aloud while revving up. I was sweating in irritation..ggrrr.. i have to go back and forth from engineering to forge, then up and down the stairs for a couple of times to get the thing done.

Just an hour before the visitors arrive, we were done with the preparation. I noticed my temperature has risen a bit, i wasn't feeling well this morning. Maybe the countless sleepless nights had been consuming me already. Ahhh, rest i really must have.

Though sometimes, err, maybe most of the times my new Japanese boss annoys me, i look up to him with great admiration and respect. He has visions of a progressive environment, the one that is organized and disciplined in every nook and cranny of it. He is very keen on 5S practice, picks up every trash that his bionic and laser eye could detect. I love the way he gives compliments, one time last week he told me that i am very clever! (sa dami ng pinapagawa nya sa kin dapat lang bolahin nya ko!!! hehehe) Maybe "clever" is just his exxagerated word to describe someone who always follow his orders, do his requests and give in to his tantrums.(ahahaha) I admire most his desire for me to learn new things, to expand my horizons through in-depth analysis, to perform at my best and to be proactive in everything. Maybe im just not used to his insistency. He wants things done quickly, as soon as possible. Oh the lazy me. The disturbed me. Hahaha. The debilitated me. I wish i have enough energy to spare in order for me to perform at my best.

Right after lunch, my japanese boss approached me and offered Thanks. He slightly pat my back while i was stroked in front of my workstation, (yes, you guess it right, i was "symbianizing" and "meeboing" on a small window on the lower left corner, kaya po nagulat ako haha.)) He also thanked others who made the reports for the visitor presentation a cinch. Oh again, i love the way he acknowledges the efforts done by his team. I wish we had more like him. A little bit annoying, yet truly very inspiring :)