Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Wasn't able to sleep well last night, i have Skushno.


I got this term "skushno" from Jessica Zafra's Twisted Universe. “Skushno is a Russian word that is difficult to translate. It means more than dreary boredom: a spiritual void that sucks you in like a bague but intensely urgent longing.” (Gregor von Rezzori)


Why do i always feel that someone's still thinking of me?

Really can't beat the shit in me. The Little devils lurking inside me have been pouring thoughts of illogical consequences of some of my unfinished businesses.

Tsk. tsk.


Christopher Dee said...

I have been undergoing a period of Skushno now for about a month. It is a word that describes a feeling that the whole world should know about. It's not a drag to have Skushno - there is some pleasure in it once you know it's happening and you don't try to fight it. It's a time out for mind recovery. Ultra boredom when your mind rests before seeking out it's next passion or mission. I like it. Don't get worried about its effect.