Saturday, August 23, 2008


Still not feeling well today. My voice hasn't been completely restored.My throat is still irritated. And i haven't slept well also :(

I won't be attending the bowling practice later, nor the dinner with OSA friends.

Rest. Rest. Rest.

Physically and emotionally.

I had depleted my physical energy during last week's climb to the 811-meter above sea level Mt. Batulao.

360deg at the summit

A drop in my physical stamina constitutes a double increment in my happiness meter.. its impression still as fresh as yesterday as it bob up and down in gorgeous galore in my memory.

Weak as my body is my heart. Bombarded with emotional dilemma, i was feeling glummer for so many reasons.

Oohh la la.

It's really true that too much thinking robs you off your energy. I wish to round off those relationships around me that seem to have shaken my volcanic fury and ferocious reflex of vengeance.


For the meantime, I've to put myself in quarantine before i get vexed by insanity.