Thursday, August 21, 2008


To wake up to a brand new day is bliss. The pain of yesterday's adieu had fueled me enough strength to move on, to remind me that i am just human and vulnerable to feelings of hurt and rejection. Some people hurt you because they are .... nuts. And i love nuts. Hahaahaha.

Kidding aside, my mornings always have a touch of bittersweet nostalgia and tension. Sweetest recollection of yesterday's laughter, and painful remembrance of sorrow etched in the scrapbook of my mind. What's in store for me today? Will i get another compliment from my boss? Will i be scolded for some jobs undone? Will i be receiving a pay today? Will i be cherished again and again by the love of my life? Will i be going back again to the home that i left yesterday? What's in store for me today?

Anyways, today, i commit myself to be happy with God's plan for me. Though His pat on my back seems like a whack in my nape, i am thankful that He always answers my prayer clearly though not always quickly.