Wednesday, August 27, 2008



In daylight and beauty of this day
my seared and blighted heart has known
your words had preyed the poet's heart
and took all colors out of dominion...

Eagerly i wished no morrow
vainly i sought a surcease of sorrow
for the heart whose woes are legion
you caress must fill its region...

what a solitude it compels
with no euphony of reminiscence
let it never foolishly said
that all my love for you was wasted...

leave no black plume as a token
of that lie you have vastly spoken
leave not my heart unbroken
emancipate me from the requiem...

sadly i am shorn of my strength
void of emotions yet undaunted
as i end up this day weak and weary
the poet's heart is in trances of solemnity...