Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Done with my Trigonometry and Geometry review class.

Was really very exhausted after 8 hours of lecture. And not just plain talks for that whole session, it felt like almost having a lump in my right armpit after scribbling all the diagrams, formulas and solutions to the discussed Math problems.

Aside from re injecting legions of formulas in their minds, I was also pushing them to reach beyond their own grasp, citing in them possibilities that they knew never existed. Should all of them be included in the topnotch list, i would be the first to extol the fruit of their hard labor to high heavens.

It then reminds me of my own review sessions back in 2002. I was relating to them my own experiences as a mech engg graduate who hankered for that board license. I was then studying real damn hard, for we barely had a centavo to spare.

I was urging them to discipline themselves and focus on their goals, one of which is passing the board exam, being apprised by the direness of their aspirations. And to ask God for divine providence and blessings, so that they will all be triumphant not only in the board exam but also in the real examination.. called life :)



Student: Mam, Joke time muna tayo. ANo ang tawag sa anak ng Mantika?
Lois: ANo?
Student: BABY OIL.


LOIS: Pano naman namatay si WOlverine?
Students: Pano?


Credit goes to Ady for this wolverine joke, hindi pa daw nila to alam =))