Monday, May 17, 2010


I think a virus is currently under way on ravaging my physical self. I just got back from a meeting outside the company and there seemed to be a lot of energy loss with my weakening self. I can already feel the heat brimming in my eyes, inflamed throat, intermittent sneezing, and slight temperature rise.

I am not feeling well.

I still got an hour to kill here at work and the load doesn't seem to ease a bit. I wish i could blame the weather, the aircon units, the work environment, but i only got myself to blame.

Too much thinking (and brooding) can also take toll on the physical self lois. Lack of sleep is also a thing to consider. Maybe i just got too exhausted for helping out with the chores back home. Maybe I'm really getting weaker each day, weak enough for my remaining days.

Or maybe I'm getting sick waiting for him. nah. [that's too much brooding again]

Two more weeks before my scheduled expiration date.

Gosh. I'm teary-eyed.