Monday, May 17, 2010


Could be my last, so i'm listing out the things that i'd love to experience on my otanjoubi:

1. See a beautiful sunrise

2. Roadtrip. Maybe a day before or a day after. Spend a day with my car. I will miss it very badly. If it could only be my deathbed. Pede din. hahaha.

3. Attend mass/ Go to church.

4. Self-portrait. Never had any using my own D40 baby, at least a decent and a serious one :D

5. Buy myself a bouquet of roses.

6. Munch on a BIG bar of black chocolate.

7. Write a poem on survival.

8. Tequila Rose!!! haha. A better alternative to the messy Sik, Sak, Sok =))

9. Buy a new book >:) Target: That boxed set of Dig Photog by Scott Kelby. Damn. I so want it. Bookworm for life >:)

10. Moon Shot: Last Quarter.

Will be working on a new set or either a revision of this set.