Monday, May 17, 2010


It's a very frustrating day for me :(

I am not feeling well today. I'm physically sick and exhausted :(

I texted Sir Norman of JH and received no reply. Maybe it's a NO :(

I wasn't able to track the package of my dad. There is no tracking number on the receipt. The agency here in the Philippines doesn't know how to track with the empty tracking number, the name of my sister as consignee is nowhere to be found also on their database :(

I attended a meeting against my very own will. The extra job sucks big time, the Club is in itself a parasite upon which bright and genius committee members fall prey :(

Our President disapproved of our proposed companies for the Local Plant Visit Activity.
And i have none to report tomorrow at the Board of Directors' Meeting :(

Maybe I wouldn't get paid for overtime. Late cut-off time submission. Gratuity pay underway :(

I wonder what's in-store for me tomorrow :(

Care for a cup of frappucino? My treat. I still got my May SBUX Planner coupon. (Good 'till the 30th)