Thursday, May 6, 2010


I didn't report to work yesterday. I hell wished i was just stickin' the shit in him, beating the heat waves with the warmth of my ardour. naks. ayun e. hahaha.

And where was i yesterday? hmmmnnnn. Sounds like... HARD to comprehend. Pang Pinoy Henyo.. lugar ba ito? (OO) Pagamutan? (HINDE) Building? (PWEDE) and so on and so forth...


I'm just a bit eccentric today.

I went to the hospital early this morning and i was really pissed off that i had to pay a mother effin' 30pesos for the parking fee. Mas mahal pa sa toll fee ng Calamba-Alabang! I was inside the hospital for less than 10 minutes. WTF. It's funny how every move and breath has its own monetary equivalent in a third world country. Sana sa Jolibee na lang ako nagpark. Hahaha. Parehas lang naman PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK E. Deym.

when being sick means being more than sick. ang daming kondisyones. tsk tsk.

Good thing i had a sumptuous lunch today. Thanks to Aviles, no escargot for viand, but crunchy FRIED TAWILIS instead! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!

Seriously, i don't feel good today :(

I'm missing someone so badly.

And the thought of not being able to overcome this feeling pisses me off more than the CMC parking fee this morning.