Monday, May 17, 2010


I didn't sleep well last night :( More's the pity, i was on my rock-bottom, but i just couldn't let any tear escape my very eyes. Sadly, i am shorn of my strength. The crescent moon sighting hours before i curled myself in bed that has amplified in me a passion i have long been nursing has turned me into a smash right before i desperately and pleadingly hurried to the doorway of dreamland.

I wasn't even successful.

I was shoved outside. Let alone those fragments of pain etch a very deep wound in my soul. I realized how hurt i am, no amount of sleep could hasten the pain that was menacingly torturing the inside of me. How long shall this pain reside in me? Will it be long enough till the cows home come? Does he ever wanna know how painful things are for me?

Since no welcome was for me to dreamland, i got out of bed and decided to spot the fairly illuminated pie in the sky. The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to, says Carl Sandburg. Maybe the moon tonight is lonesome too, and venus had sensed it all to well, as it reached the moon in the closest proximity it could.

All to no avail, i couldn't find the moon. Nor the closest star.

And i was left alone to myself, the lonesome me. It was then that i felt a tear escaping from my right eye, finding its own way downward, back to earth. I am deeply hurt. I pleaded for God to make me numb to all of this, so i could doze myself off to bed, even just for this night. I prayed harder, and wished for better things.

And i prayed to keep him safe always. As i always do. As i will always do.