Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am always havin' a lot of trouble starting my car engine every morning. Whew. This has become a real obstacle for the super tardy me as i allot little or almost no time for adjustments like this.

Cold engines might experience problems at the time to start due to different reasons:

* Gasoline evaporates less when it is cold, so it is harder to burn

* Oil gets thicker when cold, and so it is very difficult to have it circulated at the start. I'm just quite not sure how good the synthetic oil i am using is performing at cold temperatures. I will check it later :D

* Batteries loose agility when cold and so it doesn't function properly. The chemical reactions take place more slowly when the battery produces fewer electrons, thus less energy to work with during start up.

It is not only my car engine that is havin' a lot of difficulty during the start of the day. My internal engines are malfunctioning also, and this has always struck a resonating chord in my mind. Most of the times, it is during the start of the day that i resort to oblique ways of pointing at something, an existential act i have been accustomed to. Bent out of shape, never good enough for a heads-up, but i always have to overcome these difficulties in order for me to keep the engine of my life running smoothly.