Thursday, March 18, 2010


A friend once told me that he doesn't believe in magic. If there really is, it would have at least kept me and toyo together. But then, that's got nothing to do with magic. Hahaha.

Actually, i don't believe in it either, ejusdem generis. But i do get really amazed when someone puts me in a state of false perception, having put up deceptive moves and mysterious tricks performed as an entertainment.

Kudos to magician Jay for this one. Super smooth moves and superb performance. Too bad i didn't get to record your coin routine, that's where i really got super amazed. You're a champ!

But the greatest magic i've ever seen? Hhhhmmmnnn.




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sana namamagic din ang puso.. just a snap.

Anonymous said...

sana namamagic din ang puso..

LOIS said...

i just hell wished it could happen :'( kaya lang... kung namamagic ang puso.. wala ng excitement di ba.. wala ng mystery.. baka maging misery na lang :D