Thursday, March 25, 2010

My back hurts a lot, and so is my heart.

Am still quite havin' some back pains due to immobilization at most times, having been stuck for almost a round of labor-mandated hours in front of the pc. Work. haha.

I really need a massage :D

I was tuned in to 99.5 RT this morning on my way to the office and learned that a typhoon named Agaton, the first in 2010, has entered the Philippine area of responsibility.

As for my own area of responsibility, I am still braving some storms in my life, more than tumbling out like a flood and mingling tears with rain for quite a long time, nurturing frustrations, pains and feelings of rebellion carefully hidden behind my now seemingly cheerful and peaceful countenance. The scars of yesterday are still there for me to pry open, and they still hurt the same, like the first day i had them. Ahhh.. life.

It irritates me the most when i am reminded that i am still hurting. And i think of all those sunny days when all i did was to trust profoundly, with all my heart, and the happiness it has brought adorn the pages of that chapter of my life with the most sacred honor.

Poker face.

I have a long afternoon to frivol as i will. My back hurts a lot, and so is my heart.