Friday, May 22, 2009


I have just uploaded loads of homebrew games and applications in my psp. It's been quite a long time since i got stuck in the iso scrabble game that i got from lorenz. My attention has also been partly diverted into learning some card magic tricks, to which i got fully influenced by jmark. hahaha. I still would like to pursue my career as a magician but my "alimango fingers" (according to jmark) couldn't help much to the realization of my new career. (Bad ka )

While i was reading some psp stuffs, i realize how the psp world had advanced while i was absent I was left behind the news and modifications and others of that ilk. The most recent buzz i know is that Dark Alex has been kidnapped by Abu Sony Hahaha. (I miss you Dark Alex! You rock! ) Funny as it may seem, but really, i was mid-chuckling upon realizing that i haven't even remember what the hell my current firmware is!! (Redge!!! , ano nga ung huli mong upgrade???!?!?)

Much care has been given to this psp as i would to any of my gadgets. As a matter of fact, every night, it has its own space right on top of the pillow beside me. (You read it right. Katabi ko sa pagtulog. Adik. Ganun talaga pag walang katabi pagtulog. Tyaga sa psp ) And since my car stereo isn't working, this PSP has been my constant companion to all the trips i make, serving primarily as an mp3 player. It has also served my addiction to Need for Speed, Patapon, Luxor, Worms, Diner Dash, Crash of the Titans, Lumines, Blokus, Word Games, Puzzle Challenge, Scrabble (to which i have been currently hyper addicted) , and a lot more games to which i have spent some luxury of my time. At most times, it has fed me with wonderful insights and information serving as my ebook reader. It has also fed my optic nerves by playing the videos that i have uploaded. All in all, it has become my one-stop shop just when i need to unlock something inside me, be it a childish usurp on winning a game or just a wanton excuse to escape boredom.

Through it all, it has been a silent witness as i struggle to live my life. It has seen me bubbled with joy as i whisper words of love. It has felt my pain as once there were tears that gently watered its screen. It has heard the angst and pain that i had let out.

More than anything, it's not just a psp.

It's my psp.

Home brewed to Lois' heart.

And oh, firmware's 5.00 m33-6.


Thanks again Redge.

I miss you Jeng :(