Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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I was mentally enfeebled and reduced to infantilism having woke up in the middle of the wee hours. The easiest thing for me to grope in hours like this is my mobile phone that connects me entirely to the world (yeah, you mean the world to me :D) I reached for the mobile phone just beside my hair that is scrunched up in a knot, and attempted to ward off the darkness by stroking a single key. The light emanating from the mobile phone slowly sprang life, but the ravages of the night's lassitude had caught me off-guard against my sanity.

12:50am. Waging for my consciousness, i unconsciously pressed the keypad and produced this message:

hal jmgdmtpg.Dmtwm

I went the whole hog by adding a recipient (E pluribus unum! My finger has a life of its own i guess), and hitting the left green key.

Message sent.

I was able to get hold of my deed and had the capacity for introspection when i spoke to the E pluribus unum who had received my message an hour ago. He was chuckling at the deed while pronouncing my seemingly alien message and had asked me if i am still on my own self. Silly me.

Most of the times, i create a space, refuge and sanctuary where i let my sanity run wild, dancing on a night like this as my sanity takes on an alien face. More often, it is in these insane moments that i am able to give myself an infinite comfort as i drove myself home to the love that swirled around and moved me more powerfully than any scent of roses.