Friday, May 8, 2009


I haven't posted for quite some time and as always, my attention has been diverted into some serious and/or silly things to which i believe i am capable of thinking and doing. (big evil grin)

I've been from the moon. (big evil grin)

Normally home to the bedlam that i always am, i took some time off to feel a dart of triumph in the muttering retreats of my restless nights, out from the blaring heat and honk and pushiness of everyday ragged lives. To simply know no other state than life, i submitted myself absolutely to the will of heaven and take up arms for the cause of my existence. Yes, it was yesterday's darkness indeed that made the light unusually bright as my heart starts to beat in panic, but then, who else will spring life to me as i blare out my attempted escape from stupidity?

My world had wound down and i breath a sigh of relief. I grope for some thoughts in my soul. This is how i rage against the dying of my light.. a progressive dementia of the stupid things that are taking my life in their most clandestine manners. Again, a strong conviction that i should never let my affliction get in the way of my living and stop harping on the folly of death.