Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God always answers clearly, but not always quickly.

When i asked the Lord to give me a mango bravo on my birthday, He gave not only one, but two. While He anoints my Visa to save my day, Jojit had me another Mango Bravo as he raised his white flag for a war i had waged against him since last weekend. (Thanks really, you did surprised me. Sana lagi tayo war para lagi may Mango Bravo. wehehe.)

When i asked the Lord to give me a DSLR, i could hardly hear His answer. There are no signs that it is yet to be granted. But i was really hoping it would fall straight right from my ceiling. As a matter of preparation, i have graced every nook and cranny of my room and workstation with the clear images of the gift that i am bound to recieve. This is to allow the images and visions to penetrate my optic nerves with my every single wink, then have it processed right onto my mind. They say that everything in the world were created twice: the first in the mind and second in someone's hands. So in order to have my DSLR, i have to create it first in my mind, envision it as if i already have it, then shell out some hard-earned bucks to buy one. Hahaha. Adik.

But then i realized.. it's not that the signs weren't clear, or I cannot hear the Lord's answer. The answer is just right in front of my face. God tells me to wait. By now I could hear Him saying, "Lois, patience is a virtue. It will come in just the right time. Wait if you must."

Owkie. I'll wait. Marc Hipgeek and Jmark are right. It will come just in the right time. No room for disappointments or sadness, i could very well spent those waiting and patience days with equipping myself with the knowledge i must acquire to be a successful photographer. Swoosh. SOunds great.

It's really hard when you are badly hit by a disease called NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome)
Bwahahaha. **big evil grin**

When i asked the Lord to give me a special child, He just didn't give me one, but a flock of outrageous, amazing and cool special children. Kids, you know who you are. SO many many thanks for the love, care and concern.

Always true: God always answers clearly, but not always quickly.