Sunday, May 17, 2009


Call me a fool, ruptured by reveries
Call me a stupid, bewildered by fantasies
Call me nothing, for none can explain
This unfathomable feeling, that drives me insane.

Try not to ask it, not to talk about it
Just feel its impact that is so exquisite
Beware lest you fall under its evil spell
It's just one heck of a hell!!!

It takes you out of your weary world
Brings out the best like a tender abode
It takes your breath away
And eases your pain and dismay.

Condemn no one, but you yourself instead
If this enigma still persists
Have I told you lately, it's highly epidemic
With 100,000 voltage.. it's ultra-electro magnetic!!!

Be careful as you struggle in this dilemma
Be tough as you are imprisoned by this enigma
But i guess you have to open your eyes first
Wink once, twice, thrice..
before your tears burst!!!

this poem of mine got published on:
Literary Folio of The Knight Publication
Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba
Vol.5 February 1999

whew. tagal na. hahaha.

Love works in so many different ways that are so strange and wondrous.
It's magic.

And speaking of magic, lemme give yah some cool vids by Jmark in his pursuit for card tricks and magics.

You really rock hal!