Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A while ago, ysm was sending messages on my YM. In as much as i would want to shut the hell out of him on the back burners of my brain, i decided to be casual and answered his queries in the modest way i could.

Not much of a conversation really, just plain question and answer. He was also hitting his keyboard with the usual kamusta-ka-na-mis-na-kita-mahal-na-mahal-kita-ingat-ka-lagi spiel, run-of-the-mill statements i consider so gibberish. Also, being at work wouldn't allow me to have a longer exchange of words with him. Even if i had the luxury of chatting time, i'd rather spend it in the symbianize shoutbox (kapag wala ang mga frendships sa ym. hahaha.)

A slip of the tongue maybe, I have mentioned to him this Ryan who has sent a message on my friendster asking about his whereabouts.
I told him to check the message, see if this Ryan's a real acquaintance. Because at the back of my mind, i was thinking this could be a bogus one, could be someone just pretendin to double check if we are still in contact, and someone just wantin to peek through my friendster profile..checking who looks better ...hahaha. When he realized that the person indeed is his friend, he wondered how this person could have sent me a message. Crap. Of course he could have probably saw my pic in his profile! Wa-da-hel.

So i told him, "Why not just go tell Ryan i am not your girlfriend anymore. Crap."

Kerstinne25 signed off.