Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Yesterday was bliss.

Hahahaha. Second Sunday it had been, WS mode back home (WS = walang silbi).

I was again stroked in front of my PC. Nine am til three. :D Sunday for me will always be a perfect time for adik mode, after twelve hours a day, six straight days of hard work. Really makes perfect sense. haha


Met ate kimi and mami sultry 5pm at the Starbucks (ATC) While i was on queue for an order of venti vanilla frap, i happen to hear the barista explaining to the girl in front of me that the promo for the starbucks planner has been extended till March. The girl was so elated i could see her brimming with excitement as she handed her redemption card to the barista. I just remembered my own redemption card with no more than 12 slots to be filled up, which i already threw in my waste can after Ady
refuses to take it with him and fill it up for me. (I knew then that i won't be able to complete it
come end of the promo period)

Since my order of vanilla frap entitled me to one sticker, i decided to just give it to the girl in front of me upon peeking that she still has a lot to fill :D I already have the planner (Thanks again Ady) and just the simple act of filling at least a slot in her redemption card would surely magnify something in me. And it felt good, seeing her flashing her a big smile as she thanked me. Really good. I could still hear her on the next table mumbling to her friends how a stranger filled in a slot in her card. :D


And guess what really made up my week?

A dinner with Ate Kimi, Mami Sultry, Eliwood and Badeth.

Originally planned at Skyline Vivere, i've to cancel my reservation because we couldn't afford to experience the dining al fresco without our friends who wouldn't be able to join us. So we just settled to fill in our stomachs at Poquito Mas (Westgate Alabang) since we all crave for Sisig days before our settled date came in.

We splurged on pork sisig (the best at poquito mas), gambas al ajillo and pork adobo. The meals we had are indeed sumptuous, "galit-galit muna habang kumakain."

Dessert we had at Cafe Breton (Charged to Ate Kimi , Thanks..mwahhh!) The crepes are real damn so delicious. Oohh la la :D

We have agreed to splurge again either in Zong or Hula-hula (also in Westgate) after a payroll period :D I could just imagine how we all would be come December :)) Nyahahaha.

Forget about diet. There's life with them. I love them all.