Monday, February 4, 2008

I arrived early for my Saturday AutoCAD class. Instead of surfing the net inside the multimedia room, i chose to amble inside the colegio in order to bail me out of madslaps from the symbianize shoutbox. (:peace:)

**nostalgia mode**

I stared at the field and chapel as i stand in the lobby which we tagged as "Evita Stage" back then. The seductive beauty of the Mt. Makiling behind the chapel had a soothing effect on my nerves..the sky was the color of robin's eggs, and the air held the briskness of spring nor the heat and humidity of the summer. As always, this sight will always enthrall me and bring forth all memories as the thousand shades of green graced the surroundings.

But amidst the wild beauty of the landscape, i can still remember vividly the stalemate between the students and the administration as my gaze is caught by the orchestrated randomness in the people that i have come across with here.


My mind suddenly drifted to the prisms of sunlight cutting patterns on the ground. It's a lovely Saturday afternoon! Instead of rambling thoughts inside my head, i decided to offer a prayer and headed to the chapel that i was staring at for a couple of minutes.


As i passed by the ME laboratory adjacent to the elementary and highschool building,
i had mental notes of the memories we shared in our Mechanical Engineering class. Oh how i missed the engineers. The area had been spruced up, as compared to what we had back then. Air conditioned room, walking shed straight to the chapel, repainted walls, and other inside improvements which i cannot peek through as the room is closed on a saturday.

The heat is rising from the grounds in shimmering waves. I was a bit perspiring as i reached the St. Albert the Great chapel.



My soul is connected to Him.

I offered Him gratefulness. Thank you for all the blessings. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for my job. Thank you for my life.

I asked for His forgiveness.

I asked him to bless me with the gift of healing.

Please nourish my body and soul.


God... grant me the serenity, to accept the things I can not change...
courage, to change the things that I can...
and wisdom, to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as HE did,
this sinful world as it is...
not as I would have it.

Trusting that HE will make all things right
if I surrender to his will.

That I may be reasonably happy in this life,
and supremely happy with HIM,
in the next.



After some minutes of contemplation,
i wandered back to the lobby where i had the nostalgic ball rolling.