Thursday, February 14, 2008



Weekned had never been this wonderful. Ahihihihi.

Saturday night. Chill with the symb adiks.

We had a sumptuous dinner. Mine's binalot sa dahon: tapa with kamatis and half of salted egg (courtesy of tatang) Ahhh... sarap.

After feeding our growling stomach, a traipse inside the mall had kept our digestive system in full gears. As always, bonding wouldn't be complete without a caffeine boost as we exchange stories and engage in quick banters.


Tatang sandra finally got his much coveted PSP. Ah..such a nice feeling when we finally got something we have been dying to have. Wahahaha. It's as if the rest of the world is in focus. Whoah. Papiktyur muna ako sa bagong fi-esh-fi.

(I just hope this PSP wouldn't tread the path
his 3230 had undergone...... gone in the pocket of a tipsy senior citizen slouching in a bus on his way home ... (Big Evil Grin.)



Woke up late. My sister had told me the night before that the PC is down ..again. I cancelled my Autocad turotial to wen's brother in order for me to resuscitate the PC and bring it back to life. :D I am directly proportional to my PC, when my PC is down, i am down too. :D

Minor adjustments on the cable at the back of the pc had my Windows running. (haleluyah..angels singing on the background) Yehooooo. Back on adik time again.

I must have enjoyed chatting with a friend, i almost forgot breakfast and lunch ever existed. Even my stomach neither complained. :D I almost loose track of time as i lie on my bed rambling about senseless things and keeping an ear to what he was saying..and..uhhmmnn...singing :lol: But i did had a great time :D


We had set up a surprise birthday dinner party for our friend Mayeth. Ady accompanied her to the mall to buy her a gift..while we all clandestinely assembled to the place where we will dine :D

And the modus operandi headed by Doc Joy and clubT's very super generous bestfriend Ady was indeed a success.

The plan went very well.

We watched her in so much surprise as tears start to brim in the corner of her eyes.

Eventhough the service at the Old Spaghetti house got into our nerves, we really did enjoy the celebration we had. Taking also in full consideration how Ady paid the meal in his Visa. (wehehehe. Talamats Ady)

It was a strong sensation of deja vu as if our years together had suddenly come back.

To Iyen and Sherley, we hope you could join us in our next modus operandi: birthday bash for Ady. Sure will be hell fun of excitements...and naughtiness too..bwahahahha....a