Saturday, February 9, 2008


I was in a roller coaster of emotions yesterday. Not because i was having my monthly period as what rodney had been insisting (hahhahaha) but because ... ala lang...basta naiinis ako...

Went offline in the morning. I was so busy with my pending jobs that i needed to shut my virtual world in order for me to accomplish my schedule. Been so damn busy at work. Physically straining and mentally damaging. haha. I almost smelled like metal billets, forging steels, lubricants, graphites and others of that ilk. Goodness. ANG HIRAP TALAGA KUMITA NG PERA.

I was in a meeting when a good friend dropped me a line. Hmmmnn.. Really feels good to be remembered, isn't it? Especially by someone who is just about to doze off. Baka kasi di na sya magising bukas, then i'll be the last person to whom he/she have talked to.That would be history. Come to think of it. (hahaha...joke lang :D peace)


Do not invest too much emotions. So that when the truth comes, you'll be able to pull yourself back easily.

Whatta thought.

I told you not to.

I told yah.