Saturday, February 16, 2008


After 24 cups of coffee (12 Christmas blend + 12 usual flavors), you will get this 2008 Starbucks Planner. You can collect the stickers until January 15, 2008. For each redeemed planner, Starbucks will make a donation to Project Sparkhope, a joint program with UNICEF Philippines providing early learning facilities for pre-school children in remote barangays all over the Philippines.

The Starbucks 2008 Planner is technically free. That is, it becomes free after you’ve consumed 25 drinks and attached the corresponding stickers to the card. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then 25 drinks is about a month’s worth of your usual coffee intake, so it’s no biggie. But if you’re not a Starbucks fan and you’re just in it for the planner, then 25 drinks might just be a little too much. This being the holidays and all, why not get in touch with long lost friends and relatives? Gather up the gang for a Starbucks coffee date and after they’ve placed their orders, casually whip out your card. Before you know it, that planner will be in your hands before you can say coffee-rush.

The Starbucks planner has refillable pages with its six ring snap binding. Long after 2008 is over, you can still use and reuse it, if not as a planner then as a notebook because the leather cover looks like it can withstand even a nuclear blast. The pages are also easy to turn, no sticky pages whatsoever.

The Starbucks planner has a soft, pliant leather cover embossed with leaf-like designs. It also has a green striped band around it in lieu of a fastener.
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Yeah. I got one already.

The Starbucks Planner

Better late than none di ba :D

This planner came from Ady who asked me to help him in the floor plan lay-out of his soon-to-open computer shop.