Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Been skipping blogs the past days all for the glory of my ..well.. very exciting and encouraging job (pun intended!) To say i am stuck with the assholes is an understatement, there's no greater adjective than that to describe where i am right now.

The antithesis of it is i am still alive. I have managed to still keep my wrist away from anything sharp for the time being. Haleluyah!

Just for the randomness in me, i was able to steal a few minutes of my precious labor hours after dopamine provocation. Oh well...

> I miss you. Yes... you. I've been scouring the lengths of the earth just to find you. Approximately 200 moons had already passed, i got to stare at the gazillion twinkling stars, and i had almost 200 nights dreaming of you. Pump it up, i know you're just there, but wouldn't it be nicer and sweeter and happier if for once you would step out of that pumping station and stand in front of me? I miss you saif.

> PC reformat. Yes, i'll do it later. It's been 3 weeks of interrupted Windows entry and the hell with the repeated bios and black screen booting. I know my 2004 machine is kinda old, but it still deserves a bunch of my.. well.. expertise. Lol. As long as i can repair or reformat or whatever-could-bring-life-into-it, i would with all ardour and fervour. Unless a huge chunk of moolah fall straight into my face enough to replace it with an i7 dude, i'll stick to my sempron buddy 'till the cows come home. hahaha.

> I got a new buddy, my one and a half tera wd elements. Store all i can, even if i would want some memories to be erased in the cluster of my brain. Now that sounds so sentimental. lols. Can i just switch back to the boring one?

> My past does not define my future. Haha. Nothing much to say, i just had few realizations about things of my past that i am so glad to have moved on since it got myself pestered. Seriously, i think it just takes time and a clear mind and understanding and acceptance (and ano pa! :))) to be able to step forward to something better. Hhhmmmnnn, i would prefer not to blurt out the details, but i am just so glad that things have happened the way it should.

Lunch break muna. Ciao