Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The God of somnolence ushered me to dreamland a bit late last night.

The God of somnolence ushered me to dreamland a bit late last night.

I was stuck in the indelible markers of my collective memory. I run inside myself and hide in the emergency room of my mind as remnants of him scatter like a flock of disturbed chickens, i could just look around and ponder with my neurotic exophthalmic eyes like an alert insect.

I'm not sure if the trip i took down the memory lane has triggered the insomnia in me.

I was browsing through our threads hours ago just to shimmer myself with sappy thoughts of yesterday. I never considered remembering him a taboo, as opposed to what most of my friends would say. It still delights that i am awed by his wit and humor, before laying before me his closely held dogmas. I was equally amused because it seems so ridiculous that even in his absence, he could provide me with such pleasure and launch me in a moment of good mood. Having a good memory is the best possession indeed.

I was put into a jolt when some of the lines he dropped rang a bell in the raw meat between my ears. Talk about dogma, thoughts blip through my head like moving banners under the screen of reality. How could i not notice it then? How could i be so ignorant? There must really be a kernel of reality to flavor the mix.

The spark started to turn into conflagration, and the speed to which i could process has jacked up a few more notches. My mind began to be cluttered and unfocused. Blurred distinctions, and i know pain isn't far away. Imminent disturbance slowly sets itself.

I always get too absorbed relishing my remaining days by looking back.