Friday, March 11, 2011

Roberth Fulghum’s Eight Maxims on Giving and Getting Love

1. Love cannot be forced or bought.

2. You can only get from another person the love they are able and willing to give in the form they can give it in.

3. You cannot get from another person the love you demand and need in the form you wish.

4. If what they have to give is what you want, then love works.
If not, it doesn’t and won’t.

5. If you concentrate on getting love, there will never be enough.

6. If you concentrate on giving love, there will always be enough.

7. Most people need the most love when they are the most unlovable.
That includes you. And me.

8. Finally, love is not a present you give or get, but something you do.

If that seems like a solemn list, that’s because it’s meant to be.
I take love seriously.
And I tell you that if you never understand these maxims, then all the chocolate you ever receive on Valentine’s Day will be dark and bitter.”

-Robert Fulghum