Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad weekstarter

Bad weekstarter.

I am kind of grouchy this morning that i am speaking to nobody at all.

I feel sad and ill-tempered for getting my cousin and my friend a job that they seem to appreciate not and show lesser value to it. Their deliquencies echoed through me, and it is as if i am equally punishable for their deeds. Sucks. I can only look up and ask Him to shed some light to these kind of people. Sigh.


I was hopin' my day would get better seeing superhero in my dreams last night. But it was the other way around as it made me even more debilitated that i couldn't even finish my work hours. I am going home at 11, for once i am letting my negative energies take the better of me.


Job hunting. I need to. I must.