Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm still getting the hang of my bothering Tuesday. Oh well, hell has been a step away from me since yesterday. Red alarms flickering around and i know i'm into a real deep $h!t.

I just dropped the possibility that my cousin would still be able to overcome the $h!t in him. Well, instead of him professing all the deliquencies he could and put a blotch on my ever so dearest escutcheon here at work, he just decided to walk away. I also opted to let him do whatever crap he wants to do with his life. It's just too depressing that my eagerness to pull him out of the muck didn't push through. Can't help him the most if he doesn't even want to be helped in the first place. Call this major major epic fail.

Another thing, betrayal has found its way when an i-believe-we're-friends friend dragged me into his business networking only to be considered as his potential client. Seeing him taking opportunity at my ill situation makes me hate him the most. First, he got me too irritated setting up a coffee date that he said would enable us to catch on each other's lives because we're both too busy that we we're missing out a lot on our friendship. So the i-don't-know-how-to-say-no princess in me had gave in to his persistence, only to see myself being stuck in a table of presentation about this and that product. For the first three minutes, he was kind enough to ask how i am doing, and the moment i stopped narrating things i thought he wished to know, triggered in him the go signal to insist his business and product presentation. No coffee, meal or even water was offered in four hours. I wish i could reach for something sharp that moment and slash both our wrists. To hell with it.

Anyways, crap this is all about.