Friday, March 11, 2011

lazy friday

I keep on missing you and dearly wish that you are safe wherever you may be.


It's a lazy friday morning and the thought of taking a rest this weekend hasn't even crossed my mind. I need to get myself busy and distract my attention to being still and thinking only of the voids in my life. It's been a quite a cross to carry, heavy load on my shoulder as i try to walk in the light of my future. I miss the silly old me who gets much distracted by any knick-knacks under the sun, or bolted to the bed on a dear Sunday or leisurely spending time outside with much dearie friends. I don't know what wearied my aspirations a bit, but i don't seem too inspired the past few days, and too much holler in my darker side has made me pity myself even more.

Well, i guess, i am going back to square one as the pig that i am don't fit my current pen.

To sum it up, i am disturbed, depressed, and lonely.


I wish could sip a cuppa hot coffee.

If only.