Wednesday, December 31, 2008


December 31, 2008
waiting.. waiting..waiting...

I promised myself that I'll get my room cleaned come 12:01 January 1, 2009. Up to this moment, i still don't know if i could :D

Can't get my tongue tied for some blabbers before the two-ow-ow-nine. I was thinkin' of some pretty good and fabulous "first times before two-ow-ow-nine" (Uy, first time ko? hihi)

First time with my sweetie. OOppsss.. the car. Yep, name's sweetie.
I have long before wanted to buy a car. But maybe, i wasn't really that determined because i got easily carried away by the cons instead of the pros, until i got my father hypnotized to have his lion's share.. bwahahaha.. presto! The garage is now occupied :)

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