Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Haven't been careful with my driving lately.

It was just last thursday night when i went home after the TSC Christmas party that i didn't notice the sharp depression on the road somewhere in front of the Malayan colleges. I almost cringe at the thought that i could have my wheels exploded and i could have died in an instant.

Saturday night on my way to Waltermart to fetch Kuya Fox so that we could go in convoy to the I-pinoy xmas party venue, i accidentally bumped in a protruding dead wood somewhere in Real, Calamba. It was dark at past 7pm, and the traffic on both lanes had made it difficult for me to maneuver the car backwards. I was looking at the side mirrors, and visibly noticed the concrete plant box while manipulating the steering wheel. I bent my head and took a quick glance, it looked a few more inches away, so i stepped carefully at the clutch and gas pedal. Then in a fraction of a second i felt a sudden impact happening at the back of my car..How come a dead protruding wood has come to its sane life in an instant! Admittedly, i really hadn't noticed it a while ago, my 250/250 vision failed to recognized its deep rich soil color under the eerie darkness. Although it felt like the rear has been crumpled, i didn't take an immediate quick look, the traffic was heavy, I would only be another distraction. At the parking area, i hurriedly got out of the car and inspected what has been damaged. The left back light had been slightly hit, its brittle glass cover ruined with a sharp hole and cracks due to sudden impact. There's also a modest dent in the left rear body. Thank God for its sturdy and big body.

Back home as soon as i got inside i hurriedly blurted out to my uncle what has happened. He didn't say anything but I can discern from his silence that he really wanted to whack me in my nape for being so clumsy. After a while he worked on the damage in one deft stroke.. plastered the cracks and hole with the available reflectorized orange sticker. Guess i'll have it replaced when time and money is at hand.

Monday morning and traffic in Mamatid is as hell as it has always been. Maybe i was still half asleep when i accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead on the brake pedal. Whoah. Good thing the vehicle in front me had advanced already, had it not, it would have been another damage. Recklessness, clumsiness, dunno how i would call it, but maybe my absent-mindedness had been over-empowering and it has been consuming my sanity.