Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Time moved with incredible sluggishness as i find myself left all alone here in AFC. My dearest officemates had moved on with their lives outside this forging company.. finding their own happiness and life sustenance. Ahhh. I miss them.

It was the company christmas party last Saturday. As the crowd cheered for the die shop's presentation of song and dance number, i couldn't help but walk down the memory lane as i recall in perfect vivid imagery the first and last Christmas presentation i had with Brix, Ronnie and Marvin. (Andlou was able to escape during the presentation itself because he was damn too occupied with Mama Mia :D hehe)

It was a dance rendition of Pinoy AKo. We were really determined to win because of the cash prize.. we even practiced during office hours.. Haha.

I was lucky to have a copy of this video taken by someone from sleeve machining department in her SEK700 phone. Pardon the vid quality, it's just a small 3gp file.

With their almost alcoholic state of consciousness, we swayed and jived to the tune, with our perfectly crafted Pinoy Big Bother housemates masks hiding our absurdity. Hahaha. It was really fun back then.

The memory took me vividly as if I was in the moment again.

Then for a moment, beneath the loud cheers and jeers of the crowd, i could feel my lachrymal glands trying to disgorge some of its liquids.

I miss you all.